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Choose a specialist team of Christchurch intumescent paint applicators with manufacturer approval for code-compliant fire protection

Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd is your trusted partner for professional intumescent paint application Our specialist team of approved Fireshield coatings applicators focuses on delivering exceptional results and the required compliance certification.

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What is intumescent paint, how does it work and what are the key benefits of applying it?

< class="style-">Intumescent paint is a special fire-resistant coating that can be applied to timber or steel to protect it when exposed to fire.>

< class="style-">Intumescent paint reacts to extreme heat, expanding and forming an insulating char layer that acts as a protective barrier to slow heat transfer, safeguarding the substrate and preventing or slowing structural damage or collapse.>

< class="style-">Intumescent paint offers key advantages such as passive fire protection, enhanced fire resistance, and provides valuable evacuation time. >

< class="style-">Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd can apply intumescent coatings on steel and timber.>
Consult with the Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd team if you have further inquiries on intumescent applications.

What equipment does the Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd team use for intumescent coating application and how are the results measured? 

< class="style-">Our team uses top of the line Graco equipment. The Graco Texspray Mark V spray unit is designed to deliver a high flow rate to complete every application job quickly and efficiently. It has a 20% higher productivity rate compared to previous models and can be used for all types of intumescent coating projects.>

< class="style-">Following intumescent coating application, we use Positector equipment to ensure film coating thickness meets NZ Building Code compliance which will give effective protection in the event of a fire. >

Is there a preparation process involved, where can intumescent coatings be applied, and how long do they last?

< class="style-">To ensure effective intumescent paint application, proper surface preparation is vital. The Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd team ensures surfaces are clean, dry, and free from rust, dirt, grease, or loose, flaky paint. When required, we remove existing coatings or corrosion, and prime the substrate for optimal adhesion.>

< class="style-">The lifespan and durability of intumescent paint will vary based on factors like product type, environment, and maintenance. Typically, it’s applied to meet specified fire protection durations in compliance with the NZ Building Code.>

< class="style-">Some intumescent coatings are designed for exterior use. These coatings can endure weathering and UV exposure etc while offering fire resistance. Talk to us for more information.>

< class="style-">Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd specialises in intumescent coating projects in Canterbury commercial buildings (e.g. offices, factories, schools, hospitals, apartments) but intumescent paint can be applied to residential homes too.>

< class="style-">Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd provides PS3 certification which is for building compliance and a fire engineer will sign off the work done as well. >
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Making the Intumescent application easy
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Making the Intumescent application easy
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